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Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory
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Stamping, hydraulic pressing and plasma cutting
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Brass With Swarovski Elements Manufacturing Facility

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturing Facility

Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacturing Facility

Five Axis Machining Center Work (Fine Jewelry)

Digital Cutting Machine (Single Head)

Stainless Steel Jewelry Hardness Test

Know More On Stainless Steel Jewelry And S925 Machine

1.Green is the stamping and the off-white machine is for pressing. Although both machine function in a similar way, the usage in stainless steel jewelry production is completely different.
2.Flat bed plasma cutting machine. The machine is computer controlled and cut steel sheets according to the CAD file.
The plasma or laser cutting techniques are used for the last few years and mainly replaced the wire cutting machines (EDM) with some limitations.
3.The chain department consist two types of chain machines.
4.CNC turning machine consist of axis and 3 axis mufti-tools function.It's fast economical and accurate.
5.CNC milling is advanced fabrication method used on a daily base in every modern steel jewelry product.
6.Semi-automated polish machine used only in large scale production and specific type of items.
7.Ultra sonic cleaning containers and over for drying for polish final step.
8.Laser welding in a steel jewelry factory is essential.
9.Product pass through few quality check during the production process.
10.General Plating Thickness For S925 Is 0.05 Micron,If you want a longer maintenance,the plating should be required to 0.5 ~ 2 micron.
11.A Big Understanding on Plating,Not Thicker layer would make up a More sturdy protection,it would make the clasp not flexible.
12.The plating color on casting s.steel pieces is shorten than the cutting pieces due to the different density from the raw material.Flat material has low density so that the plating colors will keep very long time.Casting and S925 Jewelry need do the extra chemical treatment on surface then keep the plating color longer.
13.S925 Jewelry Complete Production Steps:Embellishing - Moulding - Wax in Jection - Welding - Modified Mold - Automatic Polishing - Casting - Wax Setting - Polishing

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